The journey of life is never easy and one has to go through many different kinds of pain and sufferings, which may be due to relationships problem, poor health, financial problem and so on and so forth.

The list can be endless but the question is how to let go and move on? Your past can often haunt and disturb you. If you are still suffering due to your past issues then read further.

Following are few things that I would like to share based on my personal experience and perhaps you too can benefit from this write up.

I too had a very turbulent relationship with my brother and that had made me to suffer both mentally and financially for 5 to 6 years. Often, I used to get a feeling of being over stressed, frustrated and angry.

Though my story of the past did not change even after 15 years but now I have been able to control myself fully and also my relationship with my brother has improved.

Following are few things that I have learnt from the experience of my life:

  • Your past is still present with you

Though your past has gone away but it is still present in your mind. The past events can still give you pain if you try to recall them again and again. Therefore, it is important that you need to respond stress differently.

  • Let go those thoughts/feelings that impacts you

Therefore, it is necessary that you must think about your past as minimum as possible. Your healing will start only when you will start letting go all the thoughts of your past.

  • Your healing will start when you understand that the past pains you

Many people often try to romance with their past thoughts but if it is your painful thoughts then more you think, more it will pain you.

In fact, when you will realize that your past thoughts pain you then only you will consider for healing.

  • Start releasing your past by taking responsibility

You must now start taking your own responsibility of releasing your past. Try to pin point exactly which thoughts pain you most. Then start releasing those thoughts from your mind.

  • Stop taking interest on similar stories

Often you may come across many other people who may also have similar story like you. If you start taking interest in them then again you will start feeling your old pain.

Therefore, best thing to do is avoid taking interest on those stories.

  • Stop these feelings

It is best to engage yourself in some other activities that will keep you busy and you will completely stop the feeling of your past.

  • Try to take middle path

If it is absolutely impossible for you to forget your past and try to find certain activities that can give you happiness and pleasure.

  • Try to know who you are

Try to define yourself based on the events that has taken place with you – whether you were a victim, wronged or abused?