Pain can severely affect and restrict your dog`s movement. It can limp on one paw or be unable to run as it used to. Your dog could whimper when you unintentionally touch the tender spot. This exhibits your dog is in pain. The cause for the underlying pain could be numerous, including arthritis, cancer, inflammation, dental issue, or surgery. CBD treats’ analgesic properties for dogs and cats significantly lessen the pain. The analgesic property of cannabinoids has been proven in many clinical trials. The CBD interacts with CB1 receptors of ECS in dogs, reducing the dog’s pain and inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory property

Holistapet Calming Soft Chews formulated for pets contains premium quality CBD with less than 0.3% THC that interacts with opioid receptors and dopamine to lessen the sensation of pain. Even though the intricate process of CBD metabolism indicates considerable pain relief property that is equally applicable to dogs, dogs are prone to inflammation which is asymptomatic, but it could cause various ailments in them. Inflammation is a biological process that attempts to protect the system by vasodilating blood vessels that stimulate white blood cells to reach the infected area. It is an integral part of the immunity system for humans and dogs until it becomes uncontrollable. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD helps dogs to fight against inflammation.

Inhibits pro-inflammation cytokines

Suppose your pet is suffering from chronic inflammation. In that case, CBD treats lessen the symptoms by inhibiting the production of pro-inflammation cytokines, the explosion of T-cells, and restricting the spreading of immune cells. These results are based on human studies, but there is a remarkable similarity between dogs and human beings. There is a large probability that CBD treats have therapeutic benefits for canines also. Arthritis is common among old dogs as the joints become stiff, inflamed there is pain and discomfort in the paws.

Arthritis can occur in all species of dogs but is prevalent in larger breeds and aged ones. If your dog is above eight years treat them with premium CBD chews to reduce the possibility of arthritis.


The severity of arthritis can increase over time if the dog is left untreated. CBD treatment can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Numerous animal studies support the use of CBD treats can improve arthritis symptoms in dogs. Holistapet Calming Soft Chews can also reduce pain if your dog is suffering from osteoarthritis, a condition when cartilaginous tissues degenerate in joints. It is the most common form of arthritis in dogs that can cause permanent destruction of cartilage that acts as a cushion in joints. CBD treats for dogs can be an efficacy treatment option to relieve joint pain symptoms.