Parents often wonder which is the best sport for their kids to play when growing up. Sports are a great way to make friends and get some exercise. They also teach valuable life lessons and kids get the chance to burn off some of that excess energy. There are many good reasons to get your son or daughter involved in golf, this article aims to highlight just a few of them.

Getting Outdoors

One of the biggest benefits of playing golf is that the game is played outdoors. Your kids get to enjoy nature and breath in some fresh air as they play. A lot of sports are played indoors and although this is enjoyable, nothing beats being out in the open while playing a game you love. If you are planning on sending your kids to golf lessons in Bangkok, they will be able to have fun and learn in a beautiful environment.


Golf can be an extremely frustrating game, you hit a great drive and reach centre fairway, your approach play couldn’t be better, and you are on the green to make a birdie. Then suddenly you miss a crucial shot and have to steady yourself to make par. Golf requires an incredible amount of patience as the game needs intense focus and precision. If you lose your head, it could cost you the game. A sport that teaches kids to have this much patience is highly beneficial in all walks of life.

Variety of Environments

Golf is unique as it teaches kids how to work independently and as a team. Skills which transfer great when in school and a workplace environment. It is rare for a sport to teach both of these traits, most of them teach either one or the other. You can compete as an individual or take part in team competitions. Golf requires hard work and dedication, it is a game that involves athleticism, skill and problem solving.

Here are some reasons why kids love to play the game:

  • It throws up different challenges
  • They like competing
  • It’s fun & easy to learn

There are so many good reasons to teach your son or daughter how to play golf. If you would like them to fully enjoy the game, it is advisable to send them to a golf academy. Qualified coaches make learning golf enjoyable, as they know all the best training methods for kids of all ages.