Amanda Bynes’ followers have been worrying about her recently. She tweeted a selfie of herself with a heart tattoo in the center of her face after news that she was now thriving and healthy. Though admirers were skeptical if the tattoo was real, it prompted further questions about Bynes’ health.

Their concern for her was understandable. Bynes has had mental health issues and legal issues over the years. She has been a far cry from the young Amanda with whom so many people fell in love. Bynes was a film sweetheart before she became notorious for her breakdowns. She was born in April 1986 and showed an early flair for comedic timing. Her tenure as a cast member on Nickelodeon’s “All That” catapulted her to popularity at an early age. Who can forget her “Dear Ashley” segment from the show? She went on to star in her comedy series, “The Amanda Sitcom,” after becoming a series regular on the show “Figure It Out.”

Early success to Amanda Bynes career

Amanda Bynes stepped into the realm of cinema with considerable success after the series ended in 2002. Her first successful film, “Big Fat Liar,” starring Frankie Muniz and Paul Giamatti, was released in 2002. She continued to receive main roles in films that became cult classics because of her charm, wit, and humor. Daphne Reynolds from the 2003 film “What a Girl Wants” and soccer legend Viola Davis from the 2006 film “She’s the Man” are two of her most well known roles. After starring in “What I Like About You” as Holly Taylor, Bynes went on to star in “Sydney White” and “Hairspray.” Her career appeared unstoppable when she landed a role in “Easy A,” but Bynes startled her fans by announcing her “early retirement” from acting before the film’s release.

Decision to move away from stardom

Bynes’ decision to move away from the spotlight, as someone who had worked in the film industry since boyhood, was understandable. She confessed that she no longer enjoys performing. She had every right to a peaceful existence away from the limelight. You can read more about her on the internet. Amanda Bynes also had a $3 million net worth, allowing her to leave the spotlight while still living a tranquil life.

Issues with substance abuse

Bynes made waves in 2012 when she was charged with DUI. She was later arrested several times for driving without a license and was involved in two hit-and-run accidents. Bynes was arrested in May 2013 for using marijuana in the foyer of her apartment building. She also allegedly threw a bong out her window. Bynes was taken to a psychiatric facility for an evaluation of her mental health after lighting fire to a residential driveway, and her parents were given temporary guardianship.

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